The Parable of the Sower!

Good Morning,

Today I started my day with morning devotion and i’d like to share…..

Luke 8:4-15…. This scripture talks about the SOWER! What is a sower you may ask?!? A Sower means to scatter to place…. As it relates to the bile story this tells of a sower and each sower were given seeds to plant. As they went out to plant, their were some that fell by the wayside, others fell on or near rocks and when it sprang up, it was then died off due to the lack of moisture. When others seeds fell among rocks and uneasy ground and thorns, and then were choked which destroyed the seeds or crop planted. Lastly, their were some which fell on good ground with good soil and proper nurturing which in returned yielded a harvest that was plentiful.

Further in the scripture about the 11-15 verse, the sower parable is explained and it’s relationship to the body of Christ. In this message the seed represents the word of God. The word of God and the different levels/ ways in which it may or may not penetrate the your walk/relationship with Christ.

As I pondered the explanation given in the text,  I begin to think about all the ways I have been affected by the seeds I’ve planted or had allowed others to plant into my life and its impact. Many times when we plant seeds or others plant seeds into our lives it changes our outlook on life, changes our level of FAITH and causes us to doubt, fear and reject Christ. We would all like to believe that we have all planted good seeds,  in our lives and especially in the lives of others at all times. However, I encourage you to re-evaluate yourself  and your seed planting efforts in your life and the body of Christ. Please understand that planting into others family, friends, co-workers, church members etc isn’t always easy. Yet, because we are followers of Christ we are to exemplify something greater and much more pleasant than others.

One of the greatest gifts to offer others is planting the TRUE word of Christ and doing so with a PURE heart. The next is to continually practice your FAITH walk and be mindful of how you present and represent the WORD and LOVE of Christ within your  life and your impact on life of others.


Peace & Love Nicole

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