Update to my Reading Chronicles……..

Update to my Reading Chronicles……..

Time-stamp: 02/20/2017 6:60pm

Hello Readers,

It’s been far too long since I’ve graced my blog/page and your reading pleasures with my reading picks. So at the beginning of 2017, I decided to create a #reading-challenge for the year to make my reading a bit adventurous.

For the month of January, I attempted to devote to work and read through a devotional or self-help book. The devotional of my choice, was my #CYP- Change Your Posture by a dear friend Coach D Nicole. I also, devoted myself to writing in the title journal on faithfulness which works along side the devotional mention a few sentences above.  Therefore, for the month of February, I was suppose to read that told a “LOVE” story. Instead, I continued to read another book that I began reading at the end of 2016. Stay tuned for the rebuttal on ” A MAN CALLED OVE” By Fredrick Backman. Check out my review of his title: GrandMa told me to tell you She’s Sorry……

I’ve said all of this to say Hello once again! I’ve missed you and two, Join the reading challenge doesn’t matter if you’re behind pick up where you like or visit my Facebook: READERSMAKELEADERS page for updates. The goal is to encourage and share my love for reading with others!!

Until Next Time! Smiles……

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