UnFinished Business 2016!

UFBN At the beginning of the new year, I challenged myself to commit to specific things in every aspect of my life and also , key things that I wanted to complete. After about a year or so I decided to enroll back into Graduate school for the third time… LOL!Next, on my list was this journey called  LOVE, I had committed to being open to life and love and all it had to extend. I begin picking up fragments of relationships, the were once built at work, school, within my family and decided to move forward despite the things that I had experienced.  Family engagement,  and being more present in ministry to the church family,community, family and friends. I’ve always had a heart for others; So I challenged myself to being the person who would pray for those around me and those I had come in contact with.

So the first part of 2016, I’ve become more comfortable with who I know myself to be in Christ and my position in the lives of others. March 2016, I completed my Life Coaching Certification program . Enrolled back in graduate school, and passed, with hopes to enrolling for the upcoming Fall Term 2016-17. I’ve been the pillow of love, grace and mercy within my family on one side, yet playful about how to engage the other side ( mom) of my family in love.  I’ve have even added to my personal family by becoming the caretaker of my little cousin who is entering her senior year of high school ( Raising Destiny- that’ll be another blog post).

Two things I thoroughly enjoy doing is traveling and reading, so I recently boarded a plane and traveled to Ocho, Rio Jamaica for dual purposes 1. vacation and 2. wedding.  Recently launched my passion for reading through READERS MAKE LEADERS, sharing the books i’m reading, Word of the Day, book reviews and hopes to award book scholarships to college students soon. ….. stay tuned!! Oh wait you can like my page on Facebook search -> Readers Make Leaders… Thanks!!

Any-who, the point of this point is to never give up, and as we move rapidly through the remainder of the year take time out to re-visit what matters most and challenge yourself to enjoy, complete and be proud by reconciling with those ” UN-finished Businesses in your Life”.

Eat.. Prai.. Love

Nicole Rai!

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