BBQ Pork Chair Sui !




Let’s Jump right into this!!! After being stuck in the house over spring break due to a minor eye injury; a dear friend decided to pick me up for a friend lunch date. Sooooo, we ended up at Hawkers .  We arrived about 3pm , which was perfect for HAPPY HOUR!!! The pic above displays one of the many items orders. This dish is the Bbq Chair Sui pork.  I wasn’t a fan of this dish simply because I don’t like bbq or any meat prepare sweet. However, I would definitely recommend visiting this place and trying other dish on their menu. Next, time i’ll remember to take a picture of all the items order. Tip: This restaurant’s menu is la carte.

Restaurant: Hawkers

Location: Five Points Riverside

Time: 3pm start of Happy Hour

Price: $3

Taste: 3/5 this dish has a sweet taste cooked medium well.


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