Lessons From A Four-Legged Life Coach- 30 minutes a day with your dog will make you healthy, wealthy and wise- By: Terri Hubbard

Lessons From a Four-Legged Life Coach

Terri Hubbard

Author Terri Hubbard, provides a personal account of self-help, inspirations and spirituality through the pages of this book. Hubbard shares her personal ups and downs with weight-loss and her determination to achieve a healthier life. Although, the authors’ intent might have been to physically transform herself, she was rewarded greatly spiritually, financially and socially too. The transformation all started with relationships developed with her four-legged dog companions. Hubbard introduces each one of her four legged companions and their unique influences to her life.
The four -legged companions are the highlight of this book and their individual personalities make them all the more special. Jackson, Jazzy and Sherman are all Hubbard’s canine companions. Each dog is unique in type, size and the insight she has gained through nurturing them. In the pages of this book, the author explains personal hardships she endures. However she expresses each journey and how having her companions along the way has helped her form a better outlook on life. The author expresses her increase in FAITH. She learned to FEAR not, and learned to trust herself and most importantly trust in GOD.
Overall, this book for me was very rewarding both personally and spiritually.

My Thoughts: Here are a few things I learned from this book:

First, this book allowed me to view having a dog in a profound way, aside from just having a pet. I enjoyed how the author was able to transform her life through simply walking her dog(s) each day for a 30-minute duration. Many times we think about change and we give –up before we even start. Many times we do this because of FEAR (the fear of not knowing or even simply trying), and then in most cases we give-up because of time. We either complain of not having enough time or we complain that it takes to much time to see results.
Secondly, being okay with the changes that take place in your life and going with the flow of the way Life tends to simply happen. I am going to take a guess that the author never planned to accumulate all four of her companions (dogs). Moreover, she gives very interesting details of each situation that lead her to welcoming each dog into her home. Therefore, in return of her being open and willing to stay positive about these lifelong companions she was rewarded greatly beyond what any amount of money could have provided. * Allowing SELF to be removed and ALLOWING God to have FREE REIGN*
Thirdly, reading this book reminded me to simply take time and live life and enjoy all its possibilities despite the twist and turns it takes. Reading this book also, showed me the importance of companionship. Companionship allows both parties involved to have that person to depend on in many ways. True companionship serves a define purpose (growth) in our lives. The author was able to transform, re-define and experience life on a whole new level of love, kinship and strength through the companionship she provided and received through her pets.


  1. So happy we met online. I love your review! Makes me want to go out and purchase this book. In fact, I will. You are a good writer. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Hi Pam,

      Glad you are enjoying my reviews! Yes, this book was very refreshing. Interesting enough I didn’t expect the book to be all of what it was actually. Reading this book simply taught me what the cliché’ says Don’t judge a book by it cover”. Hope you’re able to read it. Enjoy!


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