God Where is My Boaz – By: Stephan Labossiere


Author Labossiere, (view his webpage here) provides a guide to readers that will offer clearness to many questions about finding your mate and love. This book is a quick and easy read manuscript of the depiction of the biblical story of Ruth and Boaz. The author opens the book with insight and scriptural groundwork on love, life and self-discovery. Next, the book tells the biblical story of Ruth. This story is about the journey of the relationship between Ruth, her mother-in-law Naomi and Opral. I enjoyed this part of the book which introduces how the paths of both Ruth and Boaz crossed. I recommend readers to pay close attention to each detail mentioned in this story.

Reading through this story, draws your attention to gain insight of things that aren’t normally highlighted when this story is told. Once the characters in the biblical story are introduced, the author proves further counsel on essential topics that can be applied to all areas of your life. The topics discussed are forgiveness, understanding God’s manner of how he orchestrates various ordeals in your life. The author explains within this book the importance of assessing your own personal relationship with God.

As an avid reader, I often look for an experience to happen when reading books. Reading this book, the author offers just that for me! Moreover he applies scriptural text to balance the counsel he gives as support. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it! However, my recommendation has nothing to do with, trying to help you or myself find a mate. The purpose for me reading and recommending this book is much deeper.

Recommendations made as a result of reading this book are to encourage you :

(1). Pray for guidance and clarity

(2). Understand the process of God’s timing

(3). Self-evaluation

(4). Know the difference between – what you think you need and what you want. After assessing and practicing these things then you will be positioned to experience all the things God has in store for you and possibly your mate?

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