Excerpt from the Alchemist- By: Paulo Coelho


The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho

I couldn’t have found God in the Seminary, he thought, as he looked at the sunrise.” pp.10 For me this passage in the story talks about the discovery of relationship with God. The young boy (Santiago) felt that his relationship with God would only be rewarding for him with choosing to set-out on a quest to discover life, which was differently from the usual formality of others. However, this is also in relation with most people seeking out their own identity in life. The young boy chooses to live the life of a Sheppard boy, which his family and others sought this as being dishonorable. However, he saw this opportunity to mature and experience through the adventures of life.
Many times in life we are expected to follow routines in which others deem as being a better way or the only way to achieve and go through life. In addition, some situations in life may cause for one to seek out your own path which is completely opposite of the “norm”; yet it’s the perfect way for God to get us where we need to be and it helps us develop into that person he desires for us to become. Despite the way we learn those valuable lessons in life, God teaches us everything in his own way and timing. Understanding he loves us in spite of the rights and wrongs we encounter. So in essence Santiago feels that without experiencing life own his own terms he might not be able or been able to appreciate and grasp the delightfulness of God. Many things in life we will experience and we will learn not through the academics of school but through the school of life. As a personal experience through life, I have found myself in different scenarios which both taught me, and groomed me to become better developed as a woman and enhance personal relationship with God. I appreciate those teachable moments founded by God which have caused me to solely depend on him for help, strength and inner peace. Seminary teaches principles, opinions and theory, however true revelation comes through divine experiences and encounters with God.

The problem is that they don’t even realize that they’re walking a new road every day. They don’t see that the fields are new and the seasons change. All they think about is food and water.” pp.10
This passage speaks about Santiago’s observance of his sheep. Santiago was a Sheppard boy; which mean he tended to a flock of sheep. Being a Sheppard boy was not just a job, but rather a lifestyle he (Santiago) chose. Despite everything going on around the sheep they were consumed with fulfilling their own personal needs that of hunger and thirst. This passage reminds me of myself and life happening around me. In life I have found myself, guilty of being so consumed with daily day-to-day formalities, that I became blurred to life happening around me. Situations have occurred that I allowed myself to overlook and neglect those things that were purposeful in life. Having this to happen cause me to experience discomfort and or miss out on all life had to offer. We often become consumed with routine, self-gratification choosing to seek this through others or materialistic things in life. There are times when we are so consumed that we are so busy looking for something or someone to bring about miraculous discoveries. We negate the art of simplicity and all that can be gained through it. Understanding that each day offers new opportunities, thus begin new seasons, changes created in our lives. Many seasons and changes that occur in life are there to teach us lessons that must be learned through experiencing LIFE itself. Each experience in life rather good or bad, gives us a new journey through life, causing us to encounter moments that meant to help us develop into who we are destined to be. Everything around us could teach us something about both ourselves and others. Life isn’t about seeking out things for only self but to help others understand and experience life and all life has to offer.

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