In the Meantime- By : Iyanla Vanzant

In the Meantime

By Iyanla Vanzant


What is Love? According to Webster, Love is considered to be both of a noun and verb. Love as a noun speaks of feelings with deep affection.  However, Love as a verb speaks of deep feelings of romance and or sexual attachment. In the Meantime, is a manuscript of simple cleaning one’s house (mind, heart and soul) in life to finally reaching a level of abundance about the PURE essence of Love’s operation in our quest of living from day to day? Being in the meantime is a period despite life’s yesterdays; one must become honest and expose all matters of the heart.  Iyanla helps us face our fears of life and love, Iyanla provides profound instructions and gives heartwarming rubrics for growing the most during ones meantime endeavor. In the Meantime, is simply that place of inconsistence certainty? Thus, (Meantime) is simply a place of defining, discovery one’s self mind, soul and body. The author, coaches one thoroughly through each phase of the self- evaluation. While reading this script one must be willing to face all of life’s love challenges, love declarations, and the art of love; to discovering whom and who’s we are, and what we want in terms of Love.

The frame work of this text is one that depicts that of a physical house, which Vanzant chooses to coast her readers through each chapter of highs, lows and in between of configuring one’s physical and spiritual house to define a balance. In contrast, readers must understand that while visiting each level of one’s own house, there must be a willingness to face each lesson head on with a since of honesty of one’s actions. A thought, which often resides in mind about Iyanla is her effort to make her readers accountable for the information obtained, before moving to the next level. The text builds on its informational experiences shared from one chapter to another. Many may seek to breeze through the text without having to actually confront matters of the heart which lay hidden within one ’s self. Progression through the Meantime only comes when there is a sincere state of honesty and willingness.

Through-out the text Iyanla provides very direct and profound words of truth and wisdom in which I sought to be essential to ones loves life rebirthing. There is a chapter within the text that gives correlations between one’s scientific state of being and spiritual state of being. This experience sheds light on the keys events in one’s life that somewhat gives explanation of who and how we are as a person from birth and later adulthood. Another, point expressed through-out the reading is the art of one’s self input and output of love. The author,( Vanzant) mentions how we are the love we seek; however, the measure of rather it’s right or wrong isn’t expressed; yet through the defining stages of cleaning one’s house we discovered that which is considered both healthy and unhealthy in the art of love.  The entrance, dwelling and exit of the Meantime season of ones lives are all essential stages to that which we are all seeking.  Lastly, the author does an exceptional job of helping readers discover first what love is not; yet all that love is and has to offer, the author give various scenarios that we all can relate to rather it be on a personal note, or through the lives of others.

Love is not about the survival, but rather the growth we encounter. The author has done a good job at easing us first through the text. First, acknowledge those matters of the heart and having a willingness to seek change. Secondly, we are given tools to tackle those suppressed issues. Third, learning what love is not, and understanding our self-worth before seeking from others.  Once, readers have discovered and defined what the true meaning of love is, then and only then are we able to move out of the meantime season and live daily in infinity of love in every capacity of our lives.

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